If you write short erotica stories and would like to see your work published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. why not submit them to us and make a little pocket money on the side?

Here’s how it works:

  1. get in touch to submit your story
  2. we’ll review it to see if it fits into our catalog
  3. you’ll get an offer and contract from us, and if you sign…
  4. we’ll publish it under your chosen author name (pen name or otherwise)
  5. you write your next story and start this process from the beginning.

We’re currently looking for:

  • gangbang / group sex
  • anal
  • sex in public
  • paranormal (shifters, vampires, bigfoot, aliens etc. as long as they’re sentient)
  • be creative, if it’s dirty and fun, we may consider it even if it’s not in this list
  • a series of stories with the same theme is even better

We do not accept:

  • bestiality
  • underage
  • sex with family members. (not even step-siblings and -parents, sorry. most retailers have started cracking down on this, so it’s not worth the risk)
  • rape/non consent (this includes being drunk, drugged, hypnotised).

Compensation & Royalties:

Short erotica doesn’t take very long to write, but it doesn’t sell in huge volumes either. Therefore you’ll be offered a one-off payment for your story rather than the advance/royalty model larger traditional book publishers operate under. Think of it as how a ghostwriter would work, with a few large differences: your chosen name will remain on the book, and they’re your stories; your vision rather than written on spec. So if you’re just starting out in the field of erotica, or are doing it purely as a hobby, this would be a chance to see your work published without any effort on your part, and even get paid for it!

The amount we offer will vary and will be based on various factors including the length of the story, the quality of the writing and commercial viability of the subject. Once you accept our offer you’re expected to sign a contract giving us the full rights to publish your work and any derivative works (translations, audio, etc.) internationally for an indefinite period as long as we remain in business. We’ll be responsible for cover design, editing (perhaps thinking of a catchier title if it makes commercial sense), book formatting and design and all other aspects of publication.