Lolita Minx

lolita“My name is Lolita Minx and chances are, as you’re reading this, I’m up to absolutely no good. My man, Gary, and I have a special arrangement: we experiment, with ourselves, each other, and a whole bunch of other people whether known to us or complete strangers. Anything goes, there are no rules, except one: we have to have fun. For me, there’s an extra layer of fun after the all the decadence and depravity has taken place. I like to write down our experiences, and share them with the world. Check back soon for more dirty tales as I finish writing them 😉

All my stories are now available on all major ebook retailers!”

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Her titles include:

Taking the Team
Used at the Pub
Backdoor Beauty
First Dance / Deflowered
Getting a Raise
First Times
Group Fun Boxset
Banged by the Bikers – The Collection
Banged by the Bikers – Part 1
Banged by the Bikers – Part 3
Banged by the Bikers – Part 2

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