Genres: Fat fetish, Feederism
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About the Book

It’s been months since I’ve run into my neighbour, Scott. When I finally make an excuse to go over there, I immediately notice a huge change in him. He was always a big man, but now, he’s even fatter than before. I love every ounce; every ripple of his luxurious body.

How did this happen so quickly, unless he’s been doing it on purpose? Although we’ve never had more than a passing conversation before, I can’t let this go. Time for action has come. I decide to seduce him and find out exactly what he’s been up to.

His transformation wakes my deepest, darkest urges. I’m a feeder, he’s a feedee/foodie. We’ve been living next door to each other all this time and never knew. Today, I’m determined to give him a stuffing he’ll never forget. Perhaps we can live out our secret weight gain fantasies, together?

One-click and find out.
This explicit short story features a hungry male gainer and a female feeder who will push his boundaries and encourage him to eat more than he’s ever eaten before, all for her own filthy pleasure.

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