In my Stepbrother’s Bed – Candi Lace

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When I woke up in the wrong bedroom in my house, the morning after a rather wild and booze-filled Graduation party, I had many questions I didn’t yet know the answer to.

How did I end up in the room that belongs to the boy I grew up with?
Why was I naked?
And finally, whose arm was draped across my chest?
Had I finally lost my V-card?

As I tried my best to remember, things slowly started to get back to me. The party had been a success, at first, but then things had gone downhill. First I realised that not every guy who sweet talks you in private has the guts to admit liking the fat chick in class in front of their stupid friends. Right after I witnessed my best friend finally making a move on the Ian: one guy I actually had a thing for, even though I did grow up with him… In short, it was all a disaster. Or was it?

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


I wake up, blinking a few times to allow my eyes to adjust to the darkness surrounding me. Where am I? How did I get here? So many questions, yet the answers aren’t forthcoming.

Slowly, I start to recognise familiar features in the room where I’ve found myself. The motorcycle posters on the wall, the shelf with trophies. I know this room, I know it all too well.

And I know whose it is.

But… why did I wake up here, in Ian’s room, rather than my own which is only next door?

I try to stretch, but find that something is holding me back. An arm.

Holy shit, I’m not alone.

Last night… the party, glimpses start to make their way back into my fogged up mind. I must have had quite a bit to drink, that must be it.

My heart is trying to hammer its way out of my chest, and the arm which earlier had felt comforting, like a warm blanket, is starting to make me feel trapped.

For whatever reason, I’ve fallen asleep in my stepbrother’s room, and – I reach underneath the sheets to adjust my top before getting up, only to find that I’m not wearing one. So not only am I in the wrong room – Ian is so going to kill me for messing with his stuff – I’m naked. Fucking great.

Just exactly what did happen at last night’s party?

It’s too dark to see properly, and I’m too scared of what I’ll find if I turn around, so instead I tightly close my eyes and try to force myself to remember…


“Come on, it’ll be fun! Plus, it’s Graduation so it’s basically mandatory to throw a party,” I pleaded, batting my big blue eyes at Ian, but he was playing hardball.

“Kitty, you’ll end up inviting half the lowlives in town, they’ll make a big mess and we’ll be cleaning all day until mom and dad come home.”

“I’ll clean. You won’t have to do anything!”

He sighed deeply, and scrutinised me for a moment. He was going to give in, I knew that. He could never refuse me, even though he always enjoyed trying out a bit of brotherly authority on me.

“I’ll hold you to that, Kitty!”

“And you can have as much beer as you want.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “I have a job, remember. I can always have as much beer as I want.”

“Alright, smartass! Still my offer stands. Hang out at the party, and when you get tired of us, you can just retreat to your room and I’ll make sure things are clean afterwards.”


“Yay, thanks, Ian!” I jumped off the breakfast bar and gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek. “You’re the best brother a girl could ever have!”

“Yeah, yeah.” He smiled at me and patted me on the head. God, he loves being a patronising jerk like that sometimes.

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