Stepbrother Surveillance – Candi Lace


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Liam, the boy I grew up with, is getting ready and I’m well prepared and in position with my iPhone outside the bathroom window. He is completely unaware, having a shave topless in front of the mirror, before taking all his clothes off his godlike body, ready for the shower, and I’m getting more and more excited. This will make a wonderful addition to my collection. And soon, in the privacy of my bedroom, I’ll let it fuel many a hard & unprotected fantasy…

I can only hope this arrangement keeps working out for me and I don’t get caught, after all, it’s the only thing close to a sex life I have…

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


Oh my God, yes! Take it off! My heart is pounding in my throat as I hold up my iPhone through that awkward window above the bathroom door, hoping to catch every second of what’s going on inside. Of course I feel terrible for doing this, but ever since I realised that when you tiptoe just enough up the stairs to the second floor, you get sort of a view into the family bathroom, I couldn’t stop myself. I had to catch a glimpse.

My older stepbrother Liam inside is just about to step into the shower, so my window of opportunity as it were is quite short. I can only hope he doesn’t think to look up, because I’d be mortified if he caught me.

Just as he drops everything including his boxers into the laundry bin, and turns to open the door of the shower cabin, I allow myself to take a deep breath.

Shit, shit, shit! Making more noise than anything else I could imagine right now, my iPhone slips out of my hand and bounces off the window ledge before I can somehow half-catch half-juggle it in mid-air before it crashes down the stairs.

Dammit, I hope he didn’t hear that over the sound of the shower inside! Clasping my phone tightly in my hand again, I sneak down the steps as quickly as I possibly can and hide in my room with the door locked. I’ll be in so much fucking trouble if he gets wind of what I’ve been doing.

My fingers still tremble as I plug the wire from the laptop into my phone and transfer the video into the same folder as the others I’ve captured so far. Of course I’m careful enough to hide them all in a folder called “Maths” inside another folder called “Homework”, so nobody in their right mind would think to look there. Would they?

Well they couldn’t, anyway, unless they knew my password…

Once the transfer is complete, I unplug the phone again and put it in its cute little flower shaped stand on my desk. I like having things where they belong.

After listening out for noises coming from the hallway, I note that the shower is still on. Perhaps he didn’t hear me after all… So there won’t be any harm in having a quick look at what I’ve captured.

I open up the video, shot in high resolution, of course, and despite the slight fog on the window, I can still clearly see Liam’s immaculate figure, taking his shirt off before standing in front of the mirror, shaving.

He’s delish.

Everything about him is perfection.

From the muscular back that leads up to a perfectly toned ass – his pajamas sit just too high to get a good look – right to the happy trail now visible in the large mirror that leads right down from his sculpted pecs along the centre of his washboard abs.

Watching him perform this simple task of personal grooming – shaving – is already almost too much. My hand is shaking as I brush my hair back over my shoulders and start to run it down my body.

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