The Boy Next Door by Candi Lace

All the stories in the Taboo: The Boy I Grew Up With series by Candi Lace are currently being reworked to comply with the stricter content guidelines of Google Play, Apple iBooks and other websites and being published there under new titles. Find an overview below:

Candi-1cleansmallJamie, my Savior

Eighteen year old Milly has always wanted to be someone she’s not: prettier, skinnier, more popular… When shortly after Graduation, members of the in-crowd invite her to a barbecue at the local beach, she feels she’ll finally be accepted. Only things don’t turn out that way and it was all a big, humiliating joke. Just when things seem hopeless, her protector, the boy who lives next door, with turns up and saves her from the bullies and the evening’s events turn a lot more intimate than she could have dreamed up in even her most forbidden fantasies.

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Candi-2cleansmallIn Ian’s Bed

When I woke up in the wrong bedroom in my house, the morning after a rather wild and booze-filled Graduation party, I had many questions I didn’t yet know the answer to:
How did I end up in Ian’s room?
Why was I naked?

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Candi-3cleansmallKissing Darren

When Jenny’s best friend Sally convinced her to join her at a beach party to celebrate their High School Graduation, she didn’t expect things to get as crazy as they did. She never thought she’d muster the courage to enter the infamous ‘Kissing Shack’ where random strangers make out in the dark, especially since she’d never been kissed before. By the time she left the shack, she definitely didn’t expect to come face-to-face with the one person in the world she shouldn’t have been kissing passionately inside that room: the boy next door and Jenny’s platonic friend, Darren.

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Candi-4cleansmallDating Jack

Tonight is the night! I get to go on my first ever date. Sure, Daniel, whom I’ve been in school with since forever had to wait until after graduation to finally grow a pair and ask me out, but better late than never! We’re going to the movies, and dinner after. I wonder, will my date also lead to my first kiss? It soon becomes apparent that things don’t turn out quite as expected.

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Candi-5cleansmallSurveilling Liam

Liam, an older boy from the neighborhood whom my parents took in when his own folks passed away, is getting ready and I’m well prepared and in position with my iPhone outside the bathroom window. He is completely unaware, having a shave topless in front of the mirror, before taking all his clothes off his godlike body, ready for the shower, and I’m getting more and more excited. This will make a wonderful addition to my collection. And soon, in the privacy of my bedroom, I’ll let it fuel many a hard & unprotected fantasy…

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Candi-6cleansmallSeducing Brad

When I invited Holly to join me on a visit home from college, I should have expected her to take a liking to the boy next door, Bradley. What I didn’t expect was that she guessed I liked him too. In fact he’s the first and only guy I ever liked. It was wrong, I knew that, but she encouraged me to at least find out if the feeling was mutual. She developed a cunning plan to find out, without risking embarrassment in case he wasn’t interested. Turns out, I couldn’t have guessed just how interested he would be.

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The Boy Next Door – Bundle 1

3-in-1 story collection containing the first three stories in the The Boy Next Door series, including: Jamie, my Savior, In Ian’s Bed, and Kissing Darren

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candiboxset2cleancropThe Boy Next Door – Bundle 2

3-in-1 story collection containing the last three stories in the The Boy Next Door series, including: Dating Jack, Surveilling Liam, and Seducing Brad

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candiboxallcleanThe Boy Next Door – Full Collection

A 6-in-1 megabundle of all six stories in the The Boy Next Door series, including: Jamie, my Savior, In Ian’s Bed, Kissing Darren, Dating Jack, Surveilling Liam and Seducing Brad.

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