A Virgin for the Professor – Liliana Troy

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When shy geek Matthew approaches Professor Liliana Troy for the first time for some extra study material, she picks up on a more intimate subtext in his words: he’s inexperienced in the ways of love. A Virgin. She’s always liked the idea of a blank canvas, so she’ll teach him about a lot else than the impressionist movement.

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Keywords: First time, student/teacher erotica


Matthew Collins

Ok, today I’ll ask her.

Matthew takes a deep breath, preparing for what is going to be bloody scary: approaching a member of the opposite sex. This in itself is terrifying enough but the catch is the person in question is perfection personified, as well as super intimidating.

He knows he’s going to fumble over his words, panic, perhaps even get a case of the cold sweats, but he doesn’t have much of a choice. His solitary ways mean he can’t get anyone else to ask Professor Liliana Troy for the book recommendations he’s after. If he’s going to get what he wants, it’ll be from her.

The rest of his class are slowly exiting the lecture hall, but he keeps wasting time, slowly putting his book, then his notebook, then his pens into his bag, while stealing glances downwards every so often. She always leaves last, because she’s supposed to lock up. He knows this because he has observed her throughout as well as after each and every Art History lesson of the semester so far.

It’s almost time, he swallows hard to try and suppress his nerves, but it’s not doing much good. Sure enough, his hands have gotten sticky and his breathing has sped up significantly. Why can’t he just be cool like the other guys?

Why is it that he gets so damn anxious over what is essentially nothing: asking a teacher for guidance. It only so happens this teacher is sex on heels, and he can’t ignore her appeal no matter how hard he tries. It’s not just him either, he’s seen the other guys in class steal glances at her, undressing her with their eyes whenever she had her back turned during presentations and such.

It’s all rather disrespectful. Just because she’s female, beautiful, and well dressed doesn’t mean she deserves to be the fodder for every campus pervert’s wet dream. And yet…

He’s tried to remain proper, he’s tried not to let his mind run rampant and his hormones take over, but deep in his subconscious he couldn’t ignore her appeal. Only this morning, he woke up with a raging case of morning wood-

“Any problem?” Professor Troy’s crystal clear voice echoes through the empty lecture hall, causing Matthew to jerk out of his moment of contemplation.

“Uhh, no ma’am, I mean… Professor Troy,” Matthew stammers, while everything from his cheeks to his ears turn a hot shade of crimson. “I was just wondering… if perhaps… you had a moment?”

“Of course, Mr. Collins. What’s the matter?” Professor Troy drops her bag down on her desk again, and waits expectantly as Matthew collects his belongings and walks slowly towards her.

“I’ve always been fascinated by Monet, ever since I saw the Waterlilies in a book when I was little…” he is suddenly fuelled by his passion for the arts, reducing his awkwardness.

“That’s understandable, it’s a very powerful piece.” Professor Troy smiles, causing his knees once again to turn to jelly.

“Well, perhaps you had some recommendations for books I could study, to gain some insight into the sociological factors that affected the Impressionists of the early 20th centuries. Just for some background, you understand.”

“As it happens, I do have a rather extensive personal library on the subject. Perhaps you’d like to have a browse through?”

Matthew swallows again, trying to suppress his fears about spending more time in Professor Troy’s company. This is going to be way too much. How will he control his impulses and stay on topic, with her so much closer than half a football field away from the end of the lecture hall where he normally chooses to sit?

Still, something makes him ignore his worries. It’s a purely academic exercise after all, looking through the Professor’s own library. The prospect is too tempting to refuse.

“Uhh, yeah, sure, that would be great. Thank you.” He looks down at his hands, which are white-knuckling around the buckle of his bag. Calm down, it’s only books!

“I remember the first time I went to see an exhibition of the great Impressionists. I was fresh out of High School,” Professor Troy chats away, as they walk towards the door together.

“I haven’t yet been so lucky to see much art in person.”

“Well, Mr. Collins, you absolutely must! I promise it’ll be worth it.”

Matthew can’t help but wonder howcome the Professor, who generally puts on a stern attitude towards other students is so casual and chatty with him. Perhaps she genuinely does sense his passion for one of her own favourite subjects. Or perhaps – no, it couldn’t be! Perhaps she likes him as a person?

He shakes his head, to try and rid himself of such crazy thoughts while she locks up the lecture hall. Together they walk up the stairs towards the second floor where all the professor’s offices are.

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