First Dance – Lolita Minx

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Long ago, way before I even met my man, Gary, I was only just developing into the open-minded, free-spirited woman I am today. Back then, at the tender age of eighteen, I had saved my body for the right guy. I didn’t want a boy, like those in my class, I craved to be taken by a real man. The only hitch was my friend Mary had also kept herself pure, for the same guy.

At the graduation dance, we decided to compete for Mr. Blakely, the sexy twenty-something substitute teacher we’d set our sights on. Whoever he’d pick would get their prize: an amazing first time to remember for years to come. We never imagined that he would find himself unable to choose

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This is a story from a long time ago, from a time when I was just starting to discover my sexuality. At eighteen years old, I was a little late to the party compared to others I hung out with. Of course you’d never know it if you looked at me, no, I developed quite early on and the boys had certainly noticed. But I’d never gotten close to any of them.

You see, I had specific ideas of who I wanted to give my virginity to. He should be handsome, sexy – all those are a given. But I had set my sights on a mature partner, one who would be experienced enough not to fumble in the dark and give me the pleasure I’d craved.

I’d set my sights on a man, rather than a boy.

His name was Mr. Blakely- we affectionately called him Blake.

Blake was a substitute teacher at my school. Although I’d only been in his class a couple of times when our English teacher, Mr. Argyle was off sick, I knew he was the one from the moment I laid eyes on him.

I wasn’t after romance, not at all, just an experience. A one time, very special experience that I would remember forever.

It all began at the graduation dance…

My friends and I of course had been drinking beforehand. After all, you don’t graduate every day, so the occasion was worthy of a grand celebration! None of them were virgins, except Mary, whose catholic upbringing had held her back so far.

On this very last night as High School students, even her patience had worn thin.

We made a pact. We would both try to seduce Blake, and his choice would be final. Our other friends even bet on who would win. As soon as the rules were established (no roofies), we were ready to make our respective moves on poor, unsuspecting Blake who had supervision duties at the dance.

“May the best girl win,” I whispered in Mary’s ear, without letting my mark out of my sight for more than a second.

She nodded at me with a naughty smile and cut through the dancing crowd towards my right, until she was a couple of steps ahead of me. I rushed into action, unwilling to be left behind, even if I felt confident that even if she got there first, Blake would pick me in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t give him any other choice.

“So…” Mary started, as soon as she came face-to-face with her victim.

“So…” he responded, eyeing her as she twirled a lock of hair around her index finger.

What a rookie move!

“Enjoying the dance?” she asked, and I felt like facepalming myself.

He was a teacher, not a student, why would he enjoy the dance when he wasn’t going to do any dancing?

“It’s all right.”

“Blake… “ I said, in my most sultry voice.

“Yes, Lolita?”

“I think what Mary is trying to say is that you could enjoy the dance much more than what you are now.”

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