In my Stepbrother’s Bed

In my Stepbrother’s Bed
Series: The Boy I Grew Up With, Book 2
Genre: Taboo/Siblings
Tag: Also in Audio
Publisher: eXplicitTales
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: B00U80M21W
ISBN: 9781311366269
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About the Book

When I woke up in the wrong bedroom in my house, the morning after a rather wild and booze-filled Graduation party, I had many questions I didn’t yet know the answer to.

How did I end up in the room that belongs to the boy I grew up with?
Why was I naked?
And finally, whose arm was draped across my chest?
Had I finally lost my V-card?

As I tried my best to remember, things slowly started to get back to me. The party had been a success, at first, but then things had gone downhill. First I realised that not every guy who sweet talks you in private has the guts to admit liking the fat chick in class in front of their stupid friends. Right after I witnessed my best friend finally making a move on the Ian: one guy I actually had a thing for, even though I did grow up with him… In short, it was all a disaster. Or was it?

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