Saved by my Stepbrother

Saved by my Stepbrother
Series: The Boy I Grew Up With, Book 1
Genre: Taboo/Siblings
Tag: Also in Audio
ISBN: 9781310289828
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About the Book

Eighteen year old Milly has always wanted to be someone she’s not: prettier, skinnier, more popular… When shortly after Graduation, members of the in-crowd invite her to a barbecue at the local beach, she feels she’ll finally be accepted. Only things don’t turn out that way and it was all a big, humiliating joke.

Just when things seem hopeless, her protector, the boy she grew up, with turns up and saves her from the bullies. He reassures her she’s not as ugly and unwanted as they made her feel, in ways she could have never imagined. When he makes her his, without protection in his truck, she realises that hervery first time is going to be the beginning of a whole new era…

This story is intended for adult audiences only.

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