Scottish Werebear: An Unexpected Affair by Lorelei Moone

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The first in the brand new Scottish Werebears series by our newly signed author Lorelei Moone.

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Keywords: Paranormal romance, werebears, bear shifters, fated mates

Romance novelist, Clarice Adler, has lost the inspiration to write ever since dumping her cheating boyfriend. How do you dream up a plot of two people falling in love, when you’ve stopped believing in love yourself? But her deadline is looming, and her career hangs in the balance, so she decides to lock herself away on the secluded Scottish Isle of Skye to finish her manuscript. Upon meeting Derek McMillan there, it seems she’s found her new muse and the words start to flow out of her as if by magic. Clarice falls for him, hard, despite knowing nothing about the man, except that he’s unavailable.

Derek McMillan has been managing his farm and renting out a few holiday cottages on his own for years now. He deals with the occasional tourist for some extra money, but mostly keeps to himself. When he first lays eyes on the curvy beauty, Clarice, he immediately regrets accepting her booking. Lightning strikes, and as much as he tries to deny it, his inner bear knows that she’s his mate. But he’s a shifter, and she’s a human, and the two can’t ever mix, can they?

In this steamy paranormal romance novella, follow along as an impossible love blossoms between two people, who couldn’t be more different. One might say fate intended for them to meet, if you believe in that sort of thing, but they’re both set on fighting their attraction with everything they’ve got. They’re going to need another push to admit to themselves as well as each other what’s going on…

Please note that this is the first title in the Scottish Werebears Series. Each book features a different couple from first meeting to HEA, as well as an overarching external plot that won’t be fully resolved until the end of the series.


eXplicitTales: First Times Bundle


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3-in-1 short story bundle featuring stories by Lolita Minx, Candi Lace, and Liliana Troy. This collection contains stories centered around that wonderful moment when innocence is lost. Read how three very different characters take their first step into a new world of knowing what life truly has to offer.

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My Stepbrother: The Full Collection by Candi Lace

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All six naughty Stepbrother stories by Candi Lace, in one handy volume. Contains: Saved by my Stepbrother, In my Stepbrother’s Bed, My Stepbrother Surprise, Dating my Stepbrother, Stepbrother Surveillance and Seducing my Stepbrother. Now also available as a handy paperback!

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw, boxset, bundle

Getting a Raise – Lolita Minx

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I’d never been very career oriented. Never aspired to be anything other than the receptionist who greeted visitors and answered the phone. But when my man, Gary, and I had decided to buy a house and needed to increase our income, I came up with the ultimate plan to earn a raise at the office.

The three partners of the company where I worked were loaded, and obviously frustrated at home. I decided to try my luck at the month-end meeting, to see if I couldn’t do them a few favours, to earn a little raise.

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Keywords: group sex, mfmm, double penetration, office erotica


I’ve never been a career oriented person. It had been three years since I’d been working as a receptionist at the corporate HQ of a large car parts manufacturer. Putting through phone calls, receiving visitors, that kind of thing.

It was easy work, and I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed getting dressed up before a big meeting, when I knew a lot of visitors would come in. Frazzled looking businessmen, in town just for a day or so, their jetlagged eyes would almost light up when they saw me sitting at the reception desk.

The attention made the job rewarding for me. They enjoyed the eye candy, I enjoyed seeing their reactions.

Things were chugging along just fine at this pace until Gary and I started to make big future plans. We were going to buy a house together. We’d even already found one we had our eyes on, but there was an obstacle in our way. There was no way the bank would lend us enough money, unless we could increase our combined monthly income somehow. Gary’s job had no scope for a raise, so any extra money would have to come in from me.

So we hatched a plan…

It was the last Friday of the month, and I’d dressed myself with even more care than usually that day. A very well fitted black suit, with a pencil skirt so tight you could actually see the outline of my stocking tops through the soft fabric if you paid attention.

In all our adventures, Gary and I had one rule that was never to be broken: any time I’m getting involved with other people, he has to know about it and be there, even if he’s not participating. So he’d taken a half day off, arriving at the back entrance of the office just towards the end of lunch time. I snuck him inside, into the attached closet of the boardroom, ready for whatever was going to go down later.

Like at every month end, the three partners, Mr. Black, Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Lewis had planned a meeting that was to last all afternoon. They’d go through the figures, analysing what had worked and what needed improving in the business.

The three of them were very hands-on in their business, as most self-made men tend to be. Although the company was successful enough, and had turned the three of them into billionaires, still they worked as hard, if not harder than anyone else at the office.

They also had a weak spot for me, the pretty receptionist twenty years their junior. The not-quite-covert looks in my direction on various occasions had made that very clear, though they’d never acted forward with me, hanging on to the illusion of their broken marriages, possibly out of habit.

So we were all set. Three sexually frustrated middle aged rich guys, one receptionist with great ambition, and a husband in the closet, keeping a video camera at the ready.

“Lolita,” Mr. Black’s voice came through the intercom.

“Yes, Mr. Black?” I answered.

“We are ready for our monthly meeting. Would you be so kind and hold our phone calls until we’re done.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Black.” I smiled to myself, enjoying the sudden surge of excitement that coursed through my whole body. It was time.

First Dance – Lolita Minx

Out Now!

Long ago, way before I even met my man, Gary, I was only just developing into the open-minded, free-spirited woman I am today. Back then, at the tender age of eighteen, I had saved my body for the right guy. I didn’t want a boy, like those in my class, I craved to be taken by a real man. The only hitch was my friend Mary had also kept herself pure, for the same guy.

At the graduation dance, we decided to compete for Mr. Blakely, the sexy twenty-something substitute teacher we’d set our sights on. Whoever he’d pick would get their prize: an amazing first time to remember for years to come. We never imagined that he would find himself unable to choose

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Keywords: first time, virgin, menage, ffm, barely legal


This is a story from a long time ago, from a time when I was just starting to discover my sexuality. At eighteen years old, I was a little late to the party compared to others I hung out with. Of course you’d never know it if you looked at me, no, I developed quite early on and the boys had certainly noticed. But I’d never gotten close to any of them.

You see, I had specific ideas of who I wanted to give my virginity to. He should be handsome, sexy – all those are a given. But I had set my sights on a mature partner, one who would be experienced enough not to fumble in the dark and give me the pleasure I’d craved.

I’d set my sights on a man, rather than a boy.

His name was Mr. Blakely- we affectionately called him Blake.

Blake was a substitute teacher at my school. Although I’d only been in his class a couple of times when our English teacher, Mr. Argyle was off sick, I knew he was the one from the moment I laid eyes on him.

I wasn’t after romance, not at all, just an experience. A one time, very special experience that I would remember forever.

It all began at the graduation dance…

My friends and I of course had been drinking beforehand. After all, you don’t graduate every day, so the occasion was worthy of a grand celebration! None of them were virgins, except Mary, whose catholic upbringing had held her back so far.

On this very last night as High School students, even her patience had worn thin.

We made a pact. We would both try to seduce Blake, and his choice would be final. Our other friends even bet on who would win. As soon as the rules were established (no roofies), we were ready to make our respective moves on poor, unsuspecting Blake who had supervision duties at the dance.

“May the best girl win,” I whispered in Mary’s ear, without letting my mark out of my sight for more than a second.

She nodded at me with a naughty smile and cut through the dancing crowd towards my right, until she was a couple of steps ahead of me. I rushed into action, unwilling to be left behind, even if I felt confident that even if she got there first, Blake would pick me in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t give him any other choice.

“So…” Mary started, as soon as she came face-to-face with her victim.

“So…” he responded, eyeing her as she twirled a lock of hair around her index finger.

What a rookie move!

“Enjoying the dance?” she asked, and I felt like facepalming myself.

He was a teacher, not a student, why would he enjoy the dance when he wasn’t going to do any dancing?

“It’s all right.”

“Blake… “ I said, in my most sultry voice.

“Yes, Lolita?”

“I think what Mary is trying to say is that you could enjoy the dance much more than what you are now.”

Backdoor Beauty – Lolita Minx

Portrait of sexy female soccer playerOut Now!

When Gary and I got together, I was far from a virgin, however there was one thing I’d never done before, one thing I had saved up for the right guy. Gary was that guy, keen and eager to go where no man had gone before… in from the back door, and in public, with strangers watching.

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Keywords: sex in public, first time anal, butt sex, hotwife


Gary and I had been dating a few months, and things were going very well between us. When he got home from work, he would give me that look, and before I knew it, I was spread against a wall, or bent over a table, with Gary shooting a load in me. I loved the attention.

Sex had always been an important part of my life, ever since that first time when I was still in my teens, but that’s another story. This one deals with another first time. The one thing I could give Gary the pleasure of being the first to explore.

I’d done a lot before him, you see, I was insatiable, that’s why we got on so well from the start. But I’d always felt that when you’re really into someone, you ought to give them a gift of sorts. You have to give up something you’ve never given up before.

When I realised that Gary was the one, I knew, he’d be the first to fuck me in the ass. That was the one special thing I could offer him. Of course I knew he would gladly accept my gift.

When I first brought it up, I could tell from the look in his eye that he was interested. Not only that, he was chomping at the bit to get going. But he held back that night, he didn’t go all the way.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this right,” he said. “You’ll let me have your virgin ass, and I’ll ensure we do it in a way I’ve never done it before too.”

My eyes lit up with the possibilities of what he was suggesting.

“What haven’t you done before?” I asked.

“I’ve never taken a girl in public.”

A smile formed on my lips and I was even more certain that we were meant to be.

Seducing my Stepbrother – Candi Lace

Candi-6Out Now!

When I invited Holly to join me on a visit home from college, I should have expected her to take a liking to the boy I grew up with, Bradley. What I didn’t expect was that she guessed I liked him too. In fact he’s the first and only guy I ever liked. It was wrong, I knew that, but she encouraged me to at least find out if the feeling was mutual. She developed a cunning plan to find out, without risking embarrassment in case he wasn’t interested.

Turns out, I couldn’t have guessed just how interested he would be.

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Keywords: stepbrother, forbidden love, first time seduction


“Whoa, Lucy. He’s hot,” Holly exclaims, moving the curtain back further to get a better look.

“What are you talking about?” I lazily stretch and get up from the bed to join her by the window.

“That guy who’s mowing the lawn across the street.” She points across towards where- oh shit, that’s Bradley.

“Dude! Don’t be disgusting, he’s my brother!” I feel my cheeks turning bright red while observing him. Bradley’s white t-shirt is sticking to his athletic frame as he wipes the sweat off his brow, before continuing to push the mower across Mrs. Dennison’s front lawn.

Holly turns to face me. “So? He’s still sex on legs. If you can’t see that, you’ve got your head stuck so far up your own ass it’s not even funny.”

I glare at her with my hands on my hips. “It’s just not done, you know. If you weren’t an only child, you’d understand.”

“Isn’t he just your stepbrother anyway? You’re not actually related.”

“Yeah, but… “ My heart is hammering away inside my chest. Holly is getting on my nerves, how she’s got that challenging look on her face, one eyebrow cocked, waiting for me to agree with her. I won’t. It’s too embarrassing. “We’ve practically grown up together. It’s icky.”

I steal another quick glance at Bradley, who now has his back turned towards us. Strong, muscular thighs flex with every step, the sight made all the more mesmerising because he’s wearing shorts today.

“Well then you won’t mind introducing us, right?” Holly shoots me a smile, showing off a row of perfectly aligned white teeth. With her cheerleader looks and outgoing personality, Holly is everything I am not.

She’s the perfect blonde, who could bat her eyelids a few times and get away with anything. I’m pretty sure the only reason she’s going to pass some of her subjects this year is because she’s been flirting with our professors. Perky boobs, tiny waist and round, tight ass complete the package.

Meanwhile, here I am with my stubborn red hair and a body that’s more out of shape football player than cheerleader. I’ve been battling a massive crush on Bradley for years. Even though I’ve now moved away to attend college, my attraction to him has grown rather than subsided, making the occasional visit home extremely awkward. He’s only my stepbrother, sure, but still it feels wrong to lust after him like I do.

And anyway, even if we weren’t step siblings, he wouldn’t like me like that. And now Holly has noticed him and it’s only a matter of time before she sinks her bright red, perfectly manicured claws into him. She’s used to getting what she wants, and it seems like what she wants right now is my Bradley.

Oh, I could hurt her for that. But telling her to back off will only draw suspicions my way. What do I do?

“Luce, hey, Lucy?” Holly’s voice drags me back to reality.


“Were you even listening?”

I stare at her blankly and shrug.

“God, you’re impossible. I was saying why don’t we make some lemonade and bring it out to Bradley. He must be feeling hot, you know, working so hard out in the sun…” Holly’s voice trails off, as she continues to gaze out the window.

“If it’s not bad enough you have your pick of guys on campus, now you’ve got to come here and hatch a plan to get my brother into bed too? It’s not on,” I snap, immediately regretting my outburst when Holly turns on her heel and cocks her head to one side.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you sound jealous.”

“Fuck you. I’m not jealous, just…” It’s pointless, my face has turned a deep crimson, and sweat is starting to collect on my upper lip.

“Just?” Holly pushes.

“It’s going to make things awkward, you know… If you and Bradley… “

“He’s a grown man, he can make his own choices.”

“But he’s my brother!” I protest.

“You are jealous, aren’t you!”

“I hate you.”

Used at the Pub – Lolita Minx

Portrait of sexy female soccer playerOut Now!

The memories of the victory celebrations in the locker room after Gary’s team won were still fresh in my mind when he took me out for some drinks at our regular pub. I knew that our night out would end with a trip to the facilities for some drunken fun, but I hadn’t foreseen that some of Gary’s team mates would turn up, eager to join in again…

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Keywords: gangbang, group menage, bareback, hotwife


It had barely been a week since the orgy in Gary’s team’s locker room and the memories of that afternoon were still extremely vivid in my mind. Every so often I would catch myself recalling glimpses of the debauchery I was subjected to at the hands – or cocks – of Gary’s mates and my heart would start hammering all over again. What was even better, Gary had been insatiable ever since, his usual passionate kiss to greet me when he got home from work had become more urgent, resulting in me being bent over the kitchen table more than once in the past week.

Tonight we were hellbent on celebrating again, nothing to do with sports, just a regular date night for the two of us. We were going to go for a quiet couple of drinks to our local pub, and then see where the night took us.

It turned out, we need not have looked further than the old pub for some good old fashioned fun. Neither did the other patrons.

Gary and I have always known how to have a good time and that night was no different. We had a few drinks, watched as some of the other regulars tried to settle an old score over the dartboard, and then he gave me that look. That look, which I knew so well…

“What do you say, love, we take things somewhere more private,” Gary whispered in my ear, after brushing a few locks out of my face.

I was glowing with anticipation – or the after effects of the Vodka-Redbull I’d been enjoying that evening. Either way, I was well up for it.

“Sure thing. So long as by more private, you mean not very private at all…” I winked at him and he broke his dark, brooding stare for only a moment, when a knowing grin appeared on his lips.

“You know me. That’s always what I mean.” Gary got up, and firmly took my hand, ready to lead me into the back of the pub. The bar was mostly quiet, with only a few people around who were engaged in deep conversation with one another. The ladies room would be free, I knew that already. The ladies room in this place was always free for us.

Gary fidgeted with his phone before putting it back in his pocket.
“What’s going on?” I asked, but he just shook his head instead of responding.

Work perhaps, I thought. I was wrong, but I didn’t’ know it yet.

As soon as he led me inside, and I heard the door shut behind it, his hands were on me. All over me. I closed my eyes as he started to suck on my neck, the delicious tickle was getting my juices running. Not that I’d been dry at all since the night at the football ground. No, my clit was a throbbing and constant reminder of all the pleasure I’d been subjected to. I couldn’t get the memories out of my mind for more than minutes at a time, before they’d be back, pushing me to do it all over again.

I slipped my hand into Gary’s trouser, pleased to find that he was equally ready. Of course Gary generally was. I don’t think I’ve ever found him limp. The man could jackhammer me against a wall even if he was running a fever or otherwise in less than perfect condition.

He groaned in to my ear when I closed my fingers tightly around his thick girth and began to stroke him. Then, the biting started. He threaded his fingers through my hair and tugged my head further to the side. I loved having my hair pulled and he knew it.