Stepbrother Surveillance – Candi Lace


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Liam, the boy I grew up with, is getting ready and I’m well prepared and in position with my iPhone outside the bathroom window. He is completely unaware, having a shave topless in front of the mirror, before taking all his clothes off his godlike body, ready for the shower, and I’m getting more and more excited. This will make a wonderful addition to my collection. And soon, in the privacy of my bedroom, I’ll let it fuel many a hard & unprotected fantasy…

I can only hope this arrangement keeps working out for me and I don’t get caught, after all, it’s the only thing close to a sex life I have…

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


Oh my God, yes! Take it off! My heart is pounding in my throat as I hold up my iPhone through that awkward window above the bathroom door, hoping to catch every second of what’s going on inside. Of course I feel terrible for doing this, but ever since I realised that when you tiptoe just enough up the stairs to the second floor, you get sort of a view into the family bathroom, I couldn’t stop myself. I had to catch a glimpse.

My older stepbrother Liam inside is just about to step into the shower, so my window of opportunity as it were is quite short. I can only hope he doesn’t think to look up, because I’d be mortified if he caught me.

Just as he drops everything including his boxers into the laundry bin, and turns to open the door of the shower cabin, I allow myself to take a deep breath.

Shit, shit, shit! Making more noise than anything else I could imagine right now, my iPhone slips out of my hand and bounces off the window ledge before I can somehow half-catch half-juggle it in mid-air before it crashes down the stairs.

Dammit, I hope he didn’t hear that over the sound of the shower inside! Clasping my phone tightly in my hand again, I sneak down the steps as quickly as I possibly can and hide in my room with the door locked. I’ll be in so much fucking trouble if he gets wind of what I’ve been doing.

My fingers still tremble as I plug the wire from the laptop into my phone and transfer the video into the same folder as the others I’ve captured so far. Of course I’m careful enough to hide them all in a folder called “Maths” inside another folder called “Homework”, so nobody in their right mind would think to look there. Would they?

Well they couldn’t, anyway, unless they knew my password…

Once the transfer is complete, I unplug the phone again and put it in its cute little flower shaped stand on my desk. I like having things where they belong.

After listening out for noises coming from the hallway, I note that the shower is still on. Perhaps he didn’t hear me after all… So there won’t be any harm in having a quick look at what I’ve captured.

I open up the video, shot in high resolution, of course, and despite the slight fog on the window, I can still clearly see Liam’s immaculate figure, taking his shirt off before standing in front of the mirror, shaving.

He’s delish.

Everything about him is perfection.

From the muscular back that leads up to a perfectly toned ass – his pajamas sit just too high to get a good look – right to the happy trail now visible in the large mirror that leads right down from his sculpted pecs along the centre of his washboard abs.

Watching him perform this simple task of personal grooming – shaving – is already almost too much. My hand is shaking as I brush my hair back over my shoulders and start to run it down my body.

Dating my Stepbrother – Candi Lace

Candi-4Out Now!

Tonight is the night! I get to go on my first ever date. Sure, Daniel, whom I’ve been in school with since forever had to wait until after graduation to finally grow a pair and ask me out, but better late than never! We’re going to the movies, and dinner after. I wonder, will my date also lead to my first kiss?

By the time I’m all dressed up and ready, I decide to wait on the sofa next to Jack who is watching the game. The clock soon strikes seven, but Daniel is nowhere to be found… Soon my doubts begin to take over and I wonder if it was all a cruel joke? Is he going to show up at all?

After starting on such a high note, my hopes for the evening are in tatters. Nothing could possibly console me, except perhaps a confession about how he really feels about me by the boy I grew up with.

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


It has taken me about three hours to put together the perfect outfit.

My dress is fitting on top to accentuate my large chest, but flowy at the bottom, skimming over my curves, as they would say on every make-over show on TV. Together with those sandals that I simply had to have in the sales last month, I look a million bucks. Hopefully Daniel would like what he saw too.

I couldn’t believe when he asked me out, last week at the mall. When he approached me, I wasn’t even certain at first that he would know my name despite being in the same grade since forever.

Throughout High School I’d felt invisible, so I assumed nobody had noticed me, at least not for the right reasons. Thinking back to that moment when he asked if I’d wanted to go to the movies with him, maybe dinner after, I can’t wipe the smile off my face. That’s when everything had changed.

Too bad this only happened after Graduation, so the old pecking order that had prevailed at school didn’t matter so much anymore. But I’m not one to nitpick over a good thing.

I have a date – my first ever date – and I cannot wait!

Daniel wasn’t the most popular guy in school, but he wasn’t a social outcast like me either. He was an average student, quite handsome, and had a respectable number of friends, unlike me.

I don’t know what made him show interest in me.

And why now?

Anyway, who cares. I check myself out in the mirror again, before applying a bit of peach lipstick, to match the shade of my dress. Understated, that’s what I’m going for. Understated and classy.

After brushing my hair a few times, I decide to keep it open.

And then I wait.

He’s supposed to pick me up at seven, so we can catch the show at eight. No idea what movie he wants to see, but actually I don’t care. I’m not that hard to please, most types of movies are just fine by me.

I decide to go downstairs to wait in the living room, where Jack, my older stepbrother, is watching the game. Although he’s only two years older than I am, ever since our parents moved in together about ten years ago, he’d taken on the role of big brother from day one. He had always been there for me, when I’d had nobody else. I don’t know how I would have made it through High School without him.

“Looking good Carrie, what’s the occasion?” Jack looks up from the TV and mutes the sound.

“I’ve got a date,” I say. It’s actually really weird to admit, making my heart jump out of my chest just a little bit, and my cheeks turn warm.

“Nice! Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Daniel. He was in my class.”

“Guess with everyone heading off to different colleges next term he felt he was running out of time to make his move, eh?” Jack smiles at me. That same funny twitch inside me jumps again.

My Stepbrother Surprise – Candi Lace

Candi-3Out Now!

When Jenny’s best friend Sally convinced her to join her at a beach party to celebrate their High School Graduation, she didn’t expect things to get as crazy as they did. She never thought she’d muster the courage to enter the infamous ‘Kissing Shack’ where random strangers make out in the dark, especially since she’d never been kissed before. By the time she left the shack, she definitely didn’t expect to come face-to-face with the one person in the world she shouldn’t have been kissing passionately inside that room: the boy she grew up with, Darren.

Feeling humiliated and confused, there was only one thing left to do: run. But Darren had other ideas, leading to yet another first experience for Jenny, a hard and unprotected one.

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


“Go on, Jen,” Sally prods me in the side with her elbow and nods towards the large, temporary structure they’d constructed outside the beach club. “Everyone’s doing it.”

I observe for a moment, noting the queue of party goers, lined up outside what apparently is called the Kissing Shack, which Sally is convincing me to enter.

“But…” I protest, looking again at the types of girls waiting at my end, drinks in hand, giggling amongst themselves, as if it’s all a big joke. They’re going to go in there, while some guy goes in on the other side, and make out in the dark through a hole in the wall not knowing who is on the other end until the big reveal when they both exit. Of course it’s a joke to them, they’ve probably sucked plenty of face without even knowing the other person’s name.

“What if I’m no good at it?” I ask.

Sally lets out a laugh.

“You think any of them care? They’re all drunk!”

“I just imagined something a little more… I dunno… romantic, for my first kiss?”

“That’s your problem, Jenny, you take these things way too seriously.” Sally grins.

I want to scoff at her, tell her it’s easy to say so when you have your pick in terms of guys. It’s not so simple when you’ve always been the odd one out, the one who never gets asked to dance, never gets asked out, never been so much as kissed.

“At least once you get this over with, you won’t have this big issue hanging over your head that it’s a first time, and hence somehow significant. Then you can focus on just having fun with stuff, don’t you think? Especially now that we’re heading off to college. You know how things are there.”

I want to argue more, tell her that in college – no matter how things supposedly are – I’m probably not going to get much interest either. I’ll be spending the years there much like High School, on my own, with only a select few friends to keep me occupied. And those few friends no doubt will be off to stupid frat parties, getting hit on by everyone, while I wait around in the corner by the bar.

But then… It’s the last summer I spend at home before I’m officially a college student. That’s pretty big, isn’t it? How can things not improve from here on out?

“Don’t you think whoever is in there will be a bit upset to find me stepping out with them?” I ask, already dreading the potential humiliation in case the guy makes a scene afterwards.

“As I said, they’re all drunk. Plus, this isn’t High School anymore, what are they going to do, talk for a bit and then forget about it. It doesn’t matter. The old rules no longer matter,” Sally insists, shoving me forwards with her hand on my lower back.

I swallow, hard, finding my heart hammering away in my throat and my breathing grow faint. Am I really going to do this?

She hands me a shot glass of Tequila, which I down in one go. Nothing like a bit of liquid courage.

“Want another?” Sally asks, while we zig-zag through the crowds and right towards the girls’ entrance of the kissing booth. How it works is you go in from the side, spend however long you want in there, or until the impatient next person next in line bangs on the door, and exit out the front where you get to see who was in there with you. What a stupid concept.

And yet…

I nod. “Yeah, I think I need one more.”

In my Stepbrother’s Bed – Candi Lace

Candi-2Out Now!

When I woke up in the wrong bedroom in my house, the morning after a rather wild and booze-filled Graduation party, I had many questions I didn’t yet know the answer to.

How did I end up in the room that belongs to the boy I grew up with?
Why was I naked?
And finally, whose arm was draped across my chest?
Had I finally lost my V-card?

As I tried my best to remember, things slowly started to get back to me. The party had been a success, at first, but then things had gone downhill. First I realised that not every guy who sweet talks you in private has the guts to admit liking the fat chick in class in front of their stupid friends. Right after I witnessed my best friend finally making a move on the Ian: one guy I actually had a thing for, even though I did grow up with him… In short, it was all a disaster. Or was it?

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Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


I wake up, blinking a few times to allow my eyes to adjust to the darkness surrounding me. Where am I? How did I get here? So many questions, yet the answers aren’t forthcoming.

Slowly, I start to recognise familiar features in the room where I’ve found myself. The motorcycle posters on the wall, the shelf with trophies. I know this room, I know it all too well.

And I know whose it is.

But… why did I wake up here, in Ian’s room, rather than my own which is only next door?

I try to stretch, but find that something is holding me back. An arm.

Holy shit, I’m not alone.

Last night… the party, glimpses start to make their way back into my fogged up mind. I must have had quite a bit to drink, that must be it.

My heart is trying to hammer its way out of my chest, and the arm which earlier had felt comforting, like a warm blanket, is starting to make me feel trapped.

For whatever reason, I’ve fallen asleep in my stepbrother’s room, and – I reach underneath the sheets to adjust my top before getting up, only to find that I’m not wearing one. So not only am I in the wrong room – Ian is so going to kill me for messing with his stuff – I’m naked. Fucking great.

Just exactly what did happen at last night’s party?

It’s too dark to see properly, and I’m too scared of what I’ll find if I turn around, so instead I tightly close my eyes and try to force myself to remember…


“Come on, it’ll be fun! Plus, it’s Graduation so it’s basically mandatory to throw a party,” I pleaded, batting my big blue eyes at Ian, but he was playing hardball.

“Kitty, you’ll end up inviting half the lowlives in town, they’ll make a big mess and we’ll be cleaning all day until mom and dad come home.”

“I’ll clean. You won’t have to do anything!”

He sighed deeply, and scrutinised me for a moment. He was going to give in, I knew that. He could never refuse me, even though he always enjoyed trying out a bit of brotherly authority on me.

“I’ll hold you to that, Kitty!”

“And you can have as much beer as you want.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “I have a job, remember. I can always have as much beer as I want.”

“Alright, smartass! Still my offer stands. Hang out at the party, and when you get tired of us, you can just retreat to your room and I’ll make sure things are clean afterwards.”


“Yay, thanks, Ian!” I jumped off the breakfast bar and gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek. “You’re the best brother a girl could ever have!”

“Yeah, yeah.” He smiled at me and patted me on the head. God, he loves being a patronising jerk like that sometimes.

Saved by my Stepbrother – Candi Lace

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Eighteen year old Milly has always wanted to be someone she’s not: prettier, skinnier, more popular… When shortly after Graduation, members of the in-crowd invite her to a barbecue at the local beach, she feels she’ll finally be accepted. Only things don’t turn out that way and it was all a big, humiliating joke. Just when things seem hopeless, her protector, the boy she grew up, with turns up and saves her from the bullies. He reassures her she’s not as ugly and unwanted as they made her feel, in ways she could have never imagined. When he takes her virgin pussy, unprotected in his truck, she realises that her very first time is going to be the beginning of a whole new era…

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Another version of this story without pseudoincest has been published on Google Play and Apple iBooks under the title Jamie, my Savior

Keywords: First time, stepbrother/stepsister taboo erotica, bbw


Today was going to be different. Today, on the first sunny day after Graduation, was going to be my redemption, my chance to get away from the stigma of being the fat chick in class throughout High School.

Sure, Megan Trainor may sing about how guys like big booties, but that hasn’t been my experience. Perhaps the boys in Leymere just have different tastes.

It started innocent and promising enough, with Leila and Trish inviting me personally to the barbecue they’d planned this Sunday. They smiled and flashed their perfect white teeth at me, handed me an envelope with the invitation and insisted that I must come.

I should have known better than to trust them. I should have smelled a rat.

Only, I had been so hopeful that Graduation would bring in a new era for me, that things would change now that we’re all getting ready to go to college after the summer, that I took them completely at face value. What a mistake that was.

I know better now.

The wetness of my clothes combined with the arrival of dusk has chilled me to my bones. It doesn’t help that they’ve locked me in a dirty, smelly bathroom, right after pouring about a gallon of beer down the front of my brand new dress. They took pictures, even a video. No doubt the latter has already appeared on YouTube, potentially ruining any hopes of me starting College with my head held high.

Ours is a small town, and this isn’t something that will vanish into obscurity this quickly.

The blackness of the locked room is getting to me, threatening to swallow me whole, but I’ve already cried and screamed so much I can scarcely utter another word.

How can people be so evil?

An exhausted sob leaves my lips as I sink onto the ground, as far away from the toilet bowl as I can manage, and wrap my arms around my head, hoping, praying that this nightmare will end.

“Alright, where is she?” A voice speaks outside.

It’s familiar, unmistakeable, since I’ve heard it so many times before, but part of me wonders if I’m just hallucinating.

“Who?” Leila responds, I can hear the remnants of a devious grin in her tone.

“You know who, I found the invite. Don’t act like I’m stupid.”

“Now, Jamie, I would never-” Leila tries to placate him, but is interrupted before she can finish her sentence.

“Don’t give me that shit, tell me where my sister is! Right now!”

Could it be? It really is him, isn’t it. Jamie, my stepbrother. The boy I’ve admired all my life, and one of the few people in this world who is actually nice to me.

The Professor Collection 1 – Liliana Troy

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Busted by the Professor:
Jared never thought his first semester at college would give him any trouble, least of all Art History. But finding Professor Liliana Troy in front of his class changes everything. If he can only stop staring at her long enough to suppress the growing tension in his nether regions, perhaps he can get out of there without doing anything to endanger his school record, or his relationship with High School Sweetheart Ann. Unfortunately fate, as well as an appendage with a mind of its own has other ideas.

Punished by the Professor:
Tall, dark and handsome Darius has always been the noisy one in class; the trouble maker. If he’s not cracking inappropriate jokes, he’s staring at prof Troy’s rack. Today she’s had enough and vows to teach him a thing or two that are not in the curriculum. Unwanted behaviour can only be corrected by consistent instruction and harsh & unwanted consequences, which is exactly what Liliana Troy is planning on dishing out.

A Virgin for the Professor:
When shy geek Matthew approaches Professor Liliana Troy for the first time for some extra study material, she picks up on a more intimate subtext in his words: he’s inexperienced in the ways of love. A Virgin. She’s always liked the idea of a blank canvas, so she’ll teach him about a lot else than the impressionist movement.

A Virgin for the Professor – Liliana Troy

Troy3Out Now!

When shy geek Matthew approaches Professor Liliana Troy for the first time for some extra study material, she picks up on a more intimate subtext in his words: he’s inexperienced in the ways of love. A Virgin. She’s always liked the idea of a blank canvas, so she’ll teach him about a lot else than the impressionist movement.

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Keywords: First time, student/teacher erotica


Matthew Collins

Ok, today I’ll ask her.

Matthew takes a deep breath, preparing for what is going to be bloody scary: approaching a member of the opposite sex. This in itself is terrifying enough but the catch is the person in question is perfection personified, as well as super intimidating.

He knows he’s going to fumble over his words, panic, perhaps even get a case of the cold sweats, but he doesn’t have much of a choice. His solitary ways mean he can’t get anyone else to ask Professor Liliana Troy for the book recommendations he’s after. If he’s going to get what he wants, it’ll be from her.

The rest of his class are slowly exiting the lecture hall, but he keeps wasting time, slowly putting his book, then his notebook, then his pens into his bag, while stealing glances downwards every so often. She always leaves last, because she’s supposed to lock up. He knows this because he has observed her throughout as well as after each and every Art History lesson of the semester so far.

It’s almost time, he swallows hard to try and suppress his nerves, but it’s not doing much good. Sure enough, his hands have gotten sticky and his breathing has sped up significantly. Why can’t he just be cool like the other guys?

Why is it that he gets so damn anxious over what is essentially nothing: asking a teacher for guidance. It only so happens this teacher is sex on heels, and he can’t ignore her appeal no matter how hard he tries. It’s not just him either, he’s seen the other guys in class steal glances at her, undressing her with their eyes whenever she had her back turned during presentations and such.

It’s all rather disrespectful. Just because she’s female, beautiful, and well dressed doesn’t mean she deserves to be the fodder for every campus pervert’s wet dream. And yet…

He’s tried to remain proper, he’s tried not to let his mind run rampant and his hormones take over, but deep in his subconscious he couldn’t ignore her appeal. Only this morning, he woke up with a raging case of morning wood-

“Any problem?” Professor Troy’s crystal clear voice echoes through the empty lecture hall, causing Matthew to jerk out of his moment of contemplation.

“Uhh, no ma’am, I mean… Professor Troy,” Matthew stammers, while everything from his cheeks to his ears turn a hot shade of crimson. “I was just wondering… if perhaps… you had a moment?”

“Of course, Mr. Collins. What’s the matter?” Professor Troy drops her bag down on her desk again, and waits expectantly as Matthew collects his belongings and walks slowly towards her.

“I’ve always been fascinated by Monet, ever since I saw the Waterlilies in a book when I was little…” he is suddenly fuelled by his passion for the arts, reducing his awkwardness.

“That’s understandable, it’s a very powerful piece.” Professor Troy smiles, causing his knees once again to turn to jelly.

“Well, perhaps you had some recommendations for books I could study, to gain some insight into the sociological factors that affected the Impressionists of the early 20th centuries. Just for some background, you understand.”

“As it happens, I do have a rather extensive personal library on the subject. Perhaps you’d like to have a browse through?”

Matthew swallows again, trying to suppress his fears about spending more time in Professor Troy’s company. This is going to be way too much. How will he control his impulses and stay on topic, with her so much closer than half a football field away from the end of the lecture hall where he normally chooses to sit?

Still, something makes him ignore his worries. It’s a purely academic exercise after all, looking through the Professor’s own library. The prospect is too tempting to refuse.

“Uhh, yeah, sure, that would be great. Thank you.” He looks down at his hands, which are white-knuckling around the buckle of his bag. Calm down, it’s only books!

“I remember the first time I went to see an exhibition of the great Impressionists. I was fresh out of High School,” Professor Troy chats away, as they walk towards the door together.

“I haven’t yet been so lucky to see much art in person.”

“Well, Mr. Collins, you absolutely must! I promise it’ll be worth it.”

Matthew can’t help but wonder howcome the Professor, who generally puts on a stern attitude towards other students is so casual and chatty with him. Perhaps she genuinely does sense his passion for one of her own favourite subjects. Or perhaps – no, it couldn’t be! Perhaps she likes him as a person?

He shakes his head, to try and rid himself of such crazy thoughts while she locks up the lecture hall. Together they walk up the stairs towards the second floor where all the professor’s offices are.

Punished by the Professor – Liliana Troy

Troy2Out Now!

Tall, dark and handsome Darius has always been the noisy one in class; the trouble maker. If he’s not cracking inappropriate jokes, he’s staring at prof Troy’s rack. Today she’s had enough and vows to teach him a thing or two that are not in the curriculum. Unwanted behaviour can only be corrected by consistent instruction and harsh & unwanted consequences, which is exactly what Liliana Troy is planning on dishing out.

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Keywords: Punishment, Humiliation, Femdom, Discipline, BDSM, Student/Teacher erotica


“If everyone could open their books to page 200…” my voice trails off at the sight of Darius,  resident pest and troublemaker, chatting to a couple of his classmates. Looks like what could have been a relaxing end to a warm October day on campus is about to get a lot more frustrating.

“Mr. Jackson, what did I just say?”

Darius looks up, with a crooked grin exposing bright white teeth through full dark lips, while I look on, hand resting on my hip, about to lose my composure. He sure is a handsome boy, with his expressive brown eyes, mahogany skin and broad, muscular physique. But why must he be such a royal pain?

“Of course, darling, anything for you.”

“You’ll address me as Professor Troy,” I bark.

Darius leans back in his chair with his arms folded and nods in faux-agreement.

“Sure, Professor Troy. You know I’ll do anything for you.”

I let out a deep sigh of despair, but try not to let it show.

“Well?” I ask.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Darius smiles in a most infuriating way, much to the amusement of his friends who can’t contain their laughter.

“Page 200.” With that, I turn and focus on the rest of the class, who have actually come here to learn something, not just to act out a misguided parent’s dream of having their spoilt offspring be the first of the family to attend college. As the first generation to be reasonably well off thanks to his daddy’s business success, Darius and his siblings have turned into right monsters. No discipline at all. His sister, Tarah is exactly the same.

From the corner of my eye I note a sea of heads down, looking at their textbooks, studying the Bauhaus movement as they should be. Except for one. A pair of deep, probing eyes, staring my direction from thick black lashes. Darius. In all my years teaching I’ve never encountered such a pest. This type of behaviour is exactly why I went into higher education; you tend to weed out the troublemakers that way.

Rage bubbles up in me, threatening to boil over. If there ever was a boy who needed a good spanking growing up. Of course, it’s too late now… Or… No, I can’t possibly… Or could I?

I take another deep breath, battling the smile that’s about to crack through. I mustn’t let my inappropriate daydream take over.

Another glance, the same stare. He’s now obviously checking me out, running his thumb over the curve of his lower lip. That same move would drive me wild in just about anyone less irritating than him. But I can’t deny that he’s attractive… It’s going to make what’s to come a lot more palatable.

I give the class fifteen minutes to finish the chapter, followed by an opportunity to ask questions. They’re raring to leave, which isn’t surprising as for most Art History is the last class of the day on Wednesdays.

While I pack my stuff I overhear Darius and his friends discussing some kind of party they’re planning for the weekend. A more sensible person would have their revenge trying to ruin these plans,  say by tipping off parents before they find their house trashed. But nobody’s ever accused me of being sensible before…

An opportunity for my revenge will come, and soon.

Busted by the Professor – Liliana Troy

Troy1Out Now!

Jared never thought his first semester at college would give him any trouble, least of all Art History. But finding Professor Liliana Troy in front of his class changes everything. If he can only stop staring at her long enough to suppress the growing tension in his nether regions, perhaps he can get out of there without doing anything to endanger his school record, or his relationship with High School Sweetheart Ann. Unfortunately fate, as well as an appendage with a mind of its own has other ideas.

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Keywords: Barely legal, cheating, student/teacher erotica


The familiar buzz of my phone on silent continues a few more times, but I can’t be bothered to look at it. I’ll deal with Ann’s wrath later, and anyway she should know better than to call me at this hour. What am I, her boyfriend or a doormat? My eyes meanwhile are firmly fixed a few rows below me and the mesmerising form walking back to her desk to put her book down and end her lecture.

“So, if you could all read the first chapter by next week, and identify which of the discussed artists speaks to you the most and why…” Professor Liliana Troy looks at the class expectantly, her hand still resting on her copy of the textbook on the wooden table.

The lecture hall is large enough, currently seating at least a hundred of us, if not more. For some reason it seems like she’s mainly staring at me though. It felt like that throughout her presentation on early 20th century painters. Her gaze hits me in my core and tickles the hairs at the back of my neck, and more.

It had been a shock, sitting down for the first Modern Art lecture of the first semester of college, and seeing her walk into the room. There’s a familiarity about her which I can’t place; it’s making my fingers itch at the thought of getting the chance to draw her later. It had been a while since I’ve done a portrait, lately focusing on futuristic landscapes instead. They do say inspiration hits in the most unlikely of places.

She doesn’t look like a professor, rather, she could pass for a student if she changed out of that pencil skirt and blouse and into something more easygoing. More so if she let her bright red hair down. It would be such a trip to see her in another outfit, or none at all… Either way, she’s smokin’.

That hair, those eyes, those lips, and especially the promise of what remains hidden underneath her outfit is enough to inspire all sorts of imagery. I best get my mind under control quick.

In the background my mobile buzzes again. Jesus Christ, not now!

“Mr. Whats-your-name-again? Did you hear me?” Shit, she is indeed looking right at me.

“Jared, Jared Billington. Chapter One by next week.” I try, but fail to hide the stammer in my voice. This is the single most unnerving thing that’s happened so far this week, and that includes that terrifying first day when I didn’t know anyone yet. Teachers never intimidated me much in High School, but this one’s off the scale. It occurs to me that my High School teachers were all dull, old, or male.

Some of my fellow students snigger under their breath, putting me more on edge. I throw the most intrusive offender, Steve, a nasty glance. I’ll get you for this, you bastard. Still, my palms are getting sticky, and yet something else is starting to twitch despite my nerves. This class is going to kill me this semester.

“And?” Professor Troy cocks her head and rests her hand on her hip, waiting for more. Damnit, had she said something else?

“Pick a painter.” I breathe a silent sigh of relief after the answer presents itself.

She nods, satisfied. That was close. And yet, it still seems like her eyes remain glued to mine a little longer than necessary. It feels like she can read my mind, like all my deepest desires are written on my forehead for all to see.

Looking down, I realise most difficult part of today still lies ahead: my jeans are tenting badly at the crotch. Fucking great.

My classmates, Steve included, spring into action, closing books, packing bags, making god-awful noise pushing their chairs back to get up.

“You coming?” Steve asks, but he doesn’t wait for my answer and joins the fray. They swarm out of the room, ready to get on with the rest of their day. Modern Art is the last lecture of the afternoon for most of them, myself included. I am forced to stay put, observing the Professor as she collects papers from her desk and puts them into her leather shoulder bag.

Within less than a minute, we are the only two people left in the room. Shit, what if she calls me out? She slips her shiny new Macbook into the bag as well, throws the strap over her shoulder and leaves without looking in my direction even once. I rest my head on the folding table in front of me, arms wrapped around to try and block the world out. What kind of an idiot gets stuck in the lecture hall, afraid to get up before anyone else, because of a throbbing hard-on? And for a teacher no less.

I try to focus, think relaxing thoughts, but the vision of Professor Troy, with her tightly tailored skirt and elegant stockinged legs keeps presenting itself to me. The fantasy is unwanted as well as irresistible. Stop it! No more or I’ll never get out of here!

The tension in my jeans keeps growing, it’s relentless, and I’m starting to ache. I don’t know how to fix it, except… They don’t have video surveillance here, do they? And there better not be another lecture here any time soon. I pick up my bag and start rummaging around in it for tissues. Anything absorbent enough to cope with what’s about to happen… Goddamnit.

I hear a cough, at the door and stop straightaway. Looking up, I find it’s the last person in the world I want to see right now: the professor.

“Mr. Billington, was it? ”

I swallow hard, and try to stay cool.

“What seems to be the problem? I’m supposed to lock up, but can’t very well do that with you still in here,” she says.